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Re: cygwin on Mac: files in Virtual PC "shared folder"

On 14 Apr 2005, at 12:02 pm, Brian Dessent wrote:
Ashley Ward wrote:
Because of these issues, my preferred solution would be to use Shared
Folders -- if it worked, it'd be a lot simpler than Samba -- no
separate server and configuration to worry about.  I might try
following up the issue with MS VPC support in the newsgroup and then
possibly through their email or phone support (although it seems I
might have to give them a credit card number first! :<).

I know that this doesn't really address your question at hand... but if
I were in your situation I would look into just building a gcc/binutils
cross compiler toolchain. Then you could run the build natively under
OS X, but produce win32 binaries. You would still need VPC for testing
the binaries (I presume) but OS X should have enough unix under the hood
to host the build.

Thanks Brian -- yes, this was something I considered briefly a few years ago. Actually we build our software for Linux, Solaris, Windows-cygwin and Mac OS X (using gcc on each platform), so a cross-compiler on just one of these platforms would speed and simplify things a lot once initially set up.

I was a bit confused about it, though -- can such a setup *link* a final binary as well as compile? Presumably then all the necessary libraries from each platform need to be available on the build platform?


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