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Re: cygwin on Mac: files in Virtual PC "shared folder"

At 04:29 PM 4/13/2005, you wrote:
>I'm experimenting with using cygwin on my Macintosh PowerBook (running  
>OS X 10.3.8) within Virtual PC 7.0.1.  My aim is to be able to continue  
>developing the Windows port of our research software ("EDEN").
>Cygwin (1.5.14) seems to work OK in this environment in most respects  
>-- but I have a problem with a particular kind of filesystem.
>Virtual PC has a "shared folder" facility, which can be used to mount a  
>folder in the Mac file system as a drive within Windows.  When viewed  
>using the Windows file explorer, the drive has a network drive icon.   
>This facility is apparently implemented in the "Virtual Machine  
>Additions" (a package you install in Windows which adds facilities  
>specific to Virtual PC.)
>I'd like to use shared folders to hold our source code files so I can  
>do source code searching/editing/commit using a Mac application, and  
>use cygwin in VPC purely for compiling and testing.
>I have no problems using shared folders with Windows tools (eg the file  
>explorer).  But in cygwin, I have various difficulties.

Given what you've described, this sounds like Virtual PC isn't providing 
a completely consistent view of the Mac file system.  Looking at your 'cygcheck' output substantiates that view.  The file system type as shown
claims that the Mac shared folder is a "net" resource (correct) of file system type "ø" (not correct ;-) ).  This information comes straight from 
the Windows GetVolumeInformation API.  So it clearly isn't giving Windows 
all the right information.  With this fact, I expect that only someone 
running Virtual PC on a Mac and using it to access the Mac file system is 
going to be able to debug this and provide a solution.  I'm guessing that the 
number of people on this list with that same configuration is minimal at 
best.  You may well be on your own on this one.  Alternatively, you should
find that using SAMBA to share the same information on the Mac works well.
I haven't tried it and I don't use Virtual PC but sharing directories from
Linux to Windows works fine for me either directly or with a VMWare client.

Larry Hall                    
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Holliston, MA 01746                     

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