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Re: Gtkmm now builds under Cygwin

Yaakov Selkowitz schrieb: wrote:
| The current versions of Glibmm and Gtkmm (GTK+ C++ bindings) now build
| under the current Cygwin.  (gtkmm 2.4.6 and glibmm 2.4.5, released
| today.)
| Currently Gtkmm only builds with the X11 GDK backend, if Cygwin can
| include a libgtk built with the win32 backend (pretty please!), I'll
| be able to get that working as well (I have patches for 2.2, but these
| need redoing for 2.4).
| I should have libglademm redone soon.  Perhaps soon it will be
| possible to play Monster Masher!

I already have built the entire current gtkmm 2.4/2.6 chain (glibmm,
gtkmm, libglademm, libgnomecanvasmm, gconfmm, gnome-vfsmm, libgnomemm,
libgnomeuimm, libpanelappletmm), as well as the 2.0 chain and gtkmm-1.2.

I'm still waiting for space to upload; once I get it, they'll be
available at:

They've setup the mirrors for a reason. But then, we cannot use the setup url and your ini, just local download.

If you put it all at the webservers they might get angry. At least expect to wait some months until someone from will contact you.
Reini Urban

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