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Re: Gtkmm now builds under Cygwin

Hash: SHA1 wrote:
| The current versions of Glibmm and Gtkmm (GTK+ C++ bindings) now build
| under the current Cygwin.  (gtkmm 2.4.6 and glibmm 2.4.5, released
| today.)
| Currently Gtkmm only builds with the X11 GDK backend, if Cygwin can
| include a libgtk built with the win32 backend (pretty please!), I'll
| be able to get that working as well (I have patches for 2.2, but these
| need redoing for 2.4).
| I should have libglademm redone soon.  Perhaps soon it will be
| possible to play Monster Masher!

I already have built the entire current gtkmm 2.4/2.6 chain (glibmm,
gtkmm, libglademm, libgnomecanvasmm, gconfmm, gnome-vfsmm, libgnomemm,
libgnomeuimm, libpanelappletmm), as well as the 2.0 chain and gtkmm-1.2.

I'm still waiting for space to upload; once I get it, they'll be
available at:

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