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Not what I expected at first startup :0

hello all

New to lthe mailing list, and new to cygwin :)

Firstly I would to ask if it is normal for  cygwin to startup and just
show a cmd.exe black window as the access to the install??

>From there I did a, "startx" and was surprised to just get another
bash shell window I presume.
I was expecting a kde or window maker style setup from xwindows, with
at the least some sort  "start" type graphical entry point into the
install, so I could start other apps.

Doing a, "startx" does just give me another shell widnow, which was
not what I was expecting :) as I said.

Is there anyw ay to get a KDE style setup from the, "startx" cmd from
cygwin, or somethign similar? like maybe, "window maker" or,
"blackbox" something with a few icons so I can start somewhere

When doing a, "startx" I do have the option of taking of the, "hide
root window" option, but that just leaves a blank grey screen, with
no-way to access applications AT ALL.

Also what is the, "irc" application, is it,  "virc, XChat BitchX" or something?
Right now allo I no is it's called, "irc" :) lol

As you can probably tell, I am new to both linux and cygwin, and I
though cygwin would be a good place to start.
I have had some limited experience with linux via SuSE aand Slackware,
so I am not a complete newbie, but the starting up of cygwin was
totaly not what I expected,  so it has left me a little stuck on were
to go next.

I was kind of hoping for a graphical ide so I could start to learn
from a familair surrounding you no? I could edit files that needed to
be edited in a familar way, start applications graphicaly untill I got
used to working the shell cmd line.

Any advice from experienced users would be appreciared..  


PS... A copy paste of the start generated text and a few errors.. below....

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