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Re: Not what I expected at first startup :0


* On Sun, Oct 24, 2004 at 04:08:19PM +0100, Nemes <> wrote:
> Firstly I would to ask if it is normal for  cygwin to startup and just
> show a cmd.exe black window as the access to the install??

Yes it is.

> Also what is the, "irc" application, is it,  "virc, XChat BitchX" or
> something?  Right now allo I no is it's called, "irc" :) lol

I have recompiled irssi latelly. Otherwise, I remember there are some
packages for IRC, but i do not know which program it is.

> As you can probably tell, I am new to both linux and cygwin, and I
> though cygwin would be a good place to start.

It is a good place. To start, I don't know. I use it because I liked the
shell and other tools I discovered on Solaris, and it is the only way to
have a proper port of Mutt.

> I have had some limited experience with linux via SuSE aand Slackware,
> so I am not a complete newbie, but the starting up of cygwin was
> totaly not what I expected,  so it has left me a little stuck on were
> to go next.

You can continue with Windows for the GUI stuff, and begin to learn how
to use the console. Actually learning how to use linux does not make any
sens to me. GNU/Linux is an OS where we can find many GNU tools plus
many different programs. 

> I was kind of hoping for a graphical ide so I could start to learn
> from a familair surrounding you no? I could edit files that needed to
> be edited in a familar way, start applications graphicaly untill I got
> used to working the shell cmd line.

vim is great. Some prefer emacs... Other prefer more flashy programs...

Luc Hermitte

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