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Re: Not what I expected at first startup :0

Nemes <hyperion.nemes <at>> writes:
> hello all
> New to lthe mailing list, and new to cygwin :)
> Firstly I would to ask if it is normal for  cygwin to startup and just
> show a cmd.exe black window as the access to the install??
> From there I did a, "startx" and was surprised to just get another
> bash shell window I presume.

But this bash shell is running in a X window.  You would need an X Window to run
X applications.  Do you have X applications that you need to use?

The main reason I have cygwin installed is to have access to a power command
line environment.  I don't need an X window for this.  Although cygwin does
provide an X environment, it does not really offer a complete suite of X
applications.  You can browse the X11 category of the setup program to see what
X applications cygwin provides.  You'll see that WindowMaker, fvwm and xwinwm
are there, along with a nestful of core applications.  But it is not an
overflowing repository of X/KDE/GNOME applications.

I think the main reason to run cygwin is for the command line and to have access
to X applications that run on real *nix boxes.

When you say you want to learn "Linux", what do you really mean?  You would like
to learn some Linux applications?  Many Linux applications have Windows versions
(eg, Firefox, Open Office, etc).  Maybe you would like to start with those.  You
would like to learn the command line?  That's a good idea.  The command line is
very powerful and is an important part of mastering Linux.

You would like to learn a Linux desktop environment?  I'm not sure that this is
really necessary.  If you were able to migrate from Windows 95 to Windows XP,
you can migrate to KDE or GNOME.  I'm not sure its necessary to install it on
top of cygwin on top of Windows to get practice with it.

Go check out TheOpenCD project .  Once you've
replaced every windows application that you use with open source (but native
windows) varieties, then you can think about switching your desktop environment.

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