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Re: Selectively zipping files together

Siegfried Heintze wrote:

> Well that was one of my questions. What is the zip utility that comes with
> Cygwin? 

The package name is "zip" and contains the info-zip code from
<>.  The commands are "zip" and "unzip".  Type
"zip -h" or "man zip" for usage.  I find it very bizarre that someone
could be familiar with the "find", "tar", and "jar" commands but never
have it occur to him to try "zip".

> Is it compatible with Windows zip?

A zip file is a zip file, it doesn't matter what platform the program
that created it was running under.  So, yes.  But you can verify this
yourself in about 20 seconds worth of work.

> And what about using tar with find? I hope that is not off topic. Why does
> tar insist on zipping up the entire directory instead of just the files I
> select with find?

Probably because you're passing tar directory names in addition to

And you shoudn't use the terminology "zipping up" because the tar file
format has nothing to do with zip.  I also noticed that in your example
you were having tar create a filename ending in .zip.  This is a very
bad thing to do - tar creates tar files, not zip files, and misnaming
the file as such will only cause confusion.  Don't confuse "tar" for a
compression program, it's not.  tar files are usually compressed
seperately with one of several compression methods (.tar.gz, .tar.bz2,
.tar.Z, etc.)


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