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Re: Selectively zipping files together

On Thu, 14 Oct 2004, Siegfried Heintze wrote:

> I'm trying to use sun's jar utility (from Sun's java development kit)
> along with the Cygwin find command to selectively zip together a
> directory tree and send it to someone that can explode the tree using
> WinZIP or PKZIP.
> I suppose it off topic to discuss the jar utility here. I'm looking for
> an appropriate mailing list to solicit help with jar (suggestions are
> welcome).
> The following does not work because it just grabs all the files in my
> directory. I tried using the -print on find that did not help. I tried
> removing the "@" pipe find into xargs and that did not work.
> /usr/bin/find "." \( ! -name \*.pch -a ! -path \*CVS\* \) | jar cvf@ ..\\

To put this on-topic, use the java wrapper scripts I posted a while ago
(they are also in the cygwin-apps CVS, under wrappers/java).  They contain
a "jar" wrapper script (which needs to be edited, hence it's not a package
yet) that understands Cygwin paths, etc.  So, basically, you'll need to

/usr/bin/find . -type f -a ! -name \*.pch -a ! -path \*CVS\* | /usr/local/bin/jar cvf@ ../archive.jar

> Since we are not allowed to discuss jar here, is there a Cygwin utility that
> produces Windows ZIP files that will work with find?

Or just use the 'zip' utility from the 'zip' package (D'Oh!).

> I even tried tar (even though it is not the format I want). Why does this
> not work?
> /usr/bin/find "." \( ! -name \*.pch -a ! -path \*CVS\* \) | xargs tar cvf ../

Again, /usr/bin/find . -type f -a ! -name \*.pch -a ! -path \*CVS\* -print0 | xargs -r0 tar cjvf ../archive.tar.bz2

> The problem is the same: all the files are included. I also, for all of
> the above, tried using the -print on the find command but that did not
> help.

'-print' is the default action.  You were missing the '-type f'

> Oh - and one last question: is there any document that compares bzip with
> bzip2 and gnuzip and winzip?

Ain't no such animal as 'gnuzip' -- did you mean 'gzip'?  'bzip' is a
patent-ridden ancestor to 'bzip2', and is rarely used these days (if at
all).  See, for example, the 'bzip' article at
<> (the sixth match in a
Google search for 'bzip', BTW).
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