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Re: Setup failure: mount error

luke wrote:

All this happened on a PC with no OS installed until I installed W2K.
The purpose was to test Cygwin.

So the very next thing (the only thing) I did was (try to) install

But thinking about it last night, there was one other difference: I
created a file c:\cyg.bat that simply set PATH to include the directory
where I keep various helper Cygwin scripts (like the .bat to drive the
install via setup).

Perhaps that somehow got run by setup or by one of the post-install
scripts instead of some (internal) Cygwin command called "cyg"?

I can test both theories by trying to reproduce the problem.

Having c:\cyg.bat didn't make any difference - it still installed fine.

I've just removed Cygwin again, except for two files - cygwin1.dll and
bash.exe, since trying to remove them gave the error "access is denied".
(This is after checking that no bash process was running, via the Task\Manager; and no Cygwin services were running.) Oh, and and of
course c:\cygwin and c:\cygwin\bin directories.

"Odd," I thought, and rebooted and deleted them following the reboot.

Anyway, the final experiment I can try now is to run "mount" from the
network install, and see it it makes Cygwin uninstallable again, without
a Windows reinstall.


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