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Re: Locales with wrong umlauts

On Sun, 27 Jun 2004 08:49:57 +0200, Klaus Reimer wrote:
>_2utf8: Can't convert LÃnder from US-ASCII to UTF8: Illegal byte sequence
>I think Webdruid tries to convert the translated strings to UTF-8 for the 
>HTML-Output and it can't do this because someone tells webdruid (or the 
>_2utf8 function) that the strings are coming in in US-ASCII encoding. But 
>it's still strange that this error does only occur under Cygwin, not under 

Because Linux has a working locale implementation, whereas Cygwin does

>Is there another environment variable which can be used to tell this _2utf8 
>function that the input is iso-8859-1? Haven't heard of OUTPUT_CHARSET before 
>so I just tried INPUT_CHARSET, but doesn't do anything. 

OUTPUT_CHARSET is a gettext thing, a provision to handle platforms
with broken/incomplete locale, such as Cygwin. I came across it while
skimming over gettext code. It seems to be an interim option because a
platform is eventually expected to have a working locale, or not have
it at all. AFAIK, there's no INPUT_CHARSET.

I guess _2utf8() is calling setlocale(LC_ALL, "") or
nl_langinfo(CODESET), both of which return "C" locale in Cygwin
regardless of your env. settings.

A. Alper Atici               OpenPGP KeyID: 0xB824F550

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