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Re: Locales with wrong umlauts

On Sunday 27 June 2004 00:31, A. Alper Atici wrote:
> On Sun, 27 Jun 2004 01:20:54 +0300, A. Alper Atici wrote:
> >set LC_ALL=de_DE OUTPUT_CHARSET=iso-8859-1
> >webdruid
> Not quite so, because you'll need 2 separate set commands,
> anyway, I'm sure you've got the point.

Yes, that seems to work somehow. The output of webdruid on the console is now 
correctly encoded in iso-8859-1. But now I get other errors. (Try to 
translate it, because the messages are in german now):

_2utf8: Can't convert Länder from US-ASCII to UTF8: Illegal byte sequence

I think Webdruid tries to convert the translated strings to UTF-8 for the 
HTML-Output and it can't do this because someone tells webdruid (or the 
_2utf8 function) that the strings are coming in in US-ASCII encoding. But 
it's still strange that this error does only occur under Cygwin, not under 

Is there another environment variable which can be used to tell this _2utf8 
function that the input is iso-8859-1? Haven't heard of OUTPUT_CHARSET before 
so I just tried INPUT_CHARSET, but doesn't do anything. 

It helps a little to specify UTF-8 as OUTPUT_CHARSET. The output on the 
console is now not correct (because cmd can't handle UTF-8) but the HTML 
output is now correct because the error messages can simply be ignored. 
Webdruid is just not able to convert UTF-8 to UTF-8 which is not that 
important. So I can live with this solution, but I will contact the author of 
webdruid, maybe there is something that can be improved. But if you have any 
hints how to solve this problem, too, please go on.

Bye, K <> (FidoNet: 2:240/2188.18)
[A735 47EC D87B 1F15 C1E9  53D3 AA03 6173 A723 E391]
(Finger to get public key)

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