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Cygwin DVD Distribution

I thought this might be a good idea.  Would be nice for people on a
slow connection or need to install on alot of non-networked systems
without any way to transfer a large quantity of files.  Anyways I have
been considering the idea.  I spent the last month downloading the
entire cygwin distribution tree via ftp using wget then last night got
the mailing list archive using rsync in cygwin.  All this on a modem.
I burned it and cleaned my system of the cygwin install.  Tested the
install from DVD and it appears to work fine.  DVD's will be
distributed in compliance with the GNU GPL license agreement where end
users have all the rights they want to make additional copies, use it
on as many systems as they want, and they get both the binary and
source code to everything on the disc.  The local copy will be updated
weekly and I know that updates are necessary.  Total cost will be $4
for the first.  $1 for each additional.  Maximum 5 copies per order.

Order 1 and pay $4
Order 5 and pay $8

DVD media cost: $1 (between the media, case, and label)
Shipping cost: $1.50 anywhere in the continental US.
Packaging (1 jiffy envelope): $1.40

Shipping will be via First Class mail.  Will take up to 3 days to arrive.

Accepted payment methods at this time are Check or Money Order.  I do
not accept Paypal at all.  I had a very bad experience and don't trust
them at all for online transactions anymore.

Oh yea.  It has an entire copy of the online cygwin tree so it is
kinda a valid 'mirror' although can be out of date quickly.  I was
noting updates to packages every other day on average.

If anyone has any objections tell me.  If this is not the appropriate
place to post this then let me know who I should email.  Distributions
will not begin until I know it will be ok with everyone.

Robert Pendell

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