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Re: Perl PrivoxyWindowOpen missing?

On 21 Nov 2003 at 7:00, Brian Dessent wrote:

> Stephen Biggs wrote:
> > > This is actually due to a bug/config error in Privoxy.  One of its popup
> > > blocking filters changes all occurances of Javascript "open()" in page
> > > sources to the one you're seeing.  Unfortunately, that action was
> > > wrongfully applied to your URL.  I believe this selectivity has been
> > > much improved, so you should definitely grab the latest actionsfile from
> > > the site (or CVS.)  This doesn't have anything to do with Cygwin or
> > > Perl, they're both innocent.
> > I am a bit confused.  I am running this script strictly command-line in
> > Cygwin.  There is no URL or browser activity involved.  While I might
> > have Privoxy installed, it seems to me that the actual call in Perl is
> > not getting interpreted; that is, the call is stopped by Perl before it
> > even gets to Privoxy due to some missing library interface.
> > 
> > Or, Perl calls Javascript as part of its operation?  What am I missing
> > here?
> When you downloaded the script from the web it was passed through
> Privoxy, which was unable to distinguish it from a html file and thus
> applied its filters.  If you disable Privoxy and download another copy
> you'll find that all of the "PrivoxyWindowOpen" calls are really calls
> to "open".  Alternatively, you could just do: 
> perl -i.bak -pe 's/PrivoxyWindowOpen/open/g'
> This will replace all occurances in the file (making a .bak backup in
> case something's wrong.)
> Brian
Ahh... understood, finally...

Thanks, Brian.

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