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RE: running cygwin on multiple operating systems

No, I'm not like that. 
I simply answered some questions according to my experience and offered a few alternatives to consider. 
As I remember, the OP was also using Linux. In my experience, while it is possible to build a multi-boot system using the Windoze bootloader, it provides no real protection to the directories, partitions and drives used for different op systems. Partition hiding/switching does achieve this. I have in the past seen some serious problems with Linux and BeOS booting in such situations after a Windoze service pack update has been applied. While this might not be bang-on-topic, I think you'll find a good proportion of Cygwin users also use a flavour of Unix - either at work or at home - quite possibly Linux or FreeBSD. Anyway, this is on-topic for the subject of this message thread, even if it is only about the environment in which we run cygwin and not cygwin itself.   
On Friday 21 November 2003 03:39, wrote:
> Can't quite imagine why you'd want Win2K and WinXP both installed, as
> they're essentially the same thing, but: You can have up to four primary
> partitions on each hard drive, but only one at a time can be 'active' (=
> bootable). Some of the more sophisticated boot managers allow for partition
> hiding/making active dependent on which boot option is selected. I use
> 'Boot Magic' (which comes with Powerquest's 'Partition Magic') and it
> achieves this fine. Though it is often possible to managed to share the
> same installation of an application between different instances of Windoze,
> it tends to be unreliable and I wouldn't recommend it. 

How many years has it been since you studied Windows boot setup?  The boot 
loader which comes with XP may not be sophisticated, but it is designed to 
support one copy of 95/98/ME and as many copies of NT4/2K/XP as you like, and 
also allows you to add as many grub and lilo installations to the menu as you 
like.  The only Windows case which requires you to mess around with the 
facility of BM or grub to hide partitions is where you want more than one 
installation among 95/98/ME.  I find it much more difficult to guess why you 
would want to divert this discussion in this direction, unless it's to 
provoke the meanness often directed toward discussions which have even 10% 
off topic content.

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