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Re: Perl PrivoxyWindowOpen missing?

Stephen Biggs wrote:

> > This is actually due to a bug/config error in Privoxy.  One of its popup
> > blocking filters changes all occurances of Javascript "open()" in page
> > sources to the one you're seeing.  Unfortunately, that action was
> > wrongfully applied to your URL.  I believe this selectivity has been
> > much improved, so you should definitely grab the latest actionsfile from
> > the site (or CVS.)  This doesn't have anything to do with Cygwin or
> > Perl, they're both innocent.

> I am a bit confused.  I am running this script strictly command-line in
> Cygwin.  There is no URL or browser activity involved.  While I might
> have Privoxy installed, it seems to me that the actual call in Perl is
> not getting interpreted; that is, the call is stopped by Perl before it
> even gets to Privoxy due to some missing library interface.
> Or, Perl calls Javascript as part of its operation?  What am I missing
> here?

When you downloaded the script from the web it was passed through
Privoxy, which was unable to distinguish it from a html file and thus
applied its filters.  If you disable Privoxy and download another copy
you'll find that all of the "PrivoxyWindowOpen" calls are really calls
to "open".  Alternatively, you could just do: 

perl -i.bak -pe 's/PrivoxyWindowOpen/open/g'

This will replace all occurances in the file (making a .bak backup in
case something's wrong.)


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