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Re: RedHat7.3 and Windows wrote:
"Jan" == Jan Nieuwenhuizen <> writes:

 >> I do not want to know how cygwin works; i have used it in the past
 >> without any detailed knowledge.

 Jan> Well, lilypond is not different from any other Cygwin package.  Just
 Jan> use Cygwin as you did in the past.

which bring us back to the original question; is there a working
version of Lilypond that is available for Windows?  I am suspecting
that the answer is no, unless you have all kinds of additional
facilities like direct net connection.

You only need the net connection for downloading the Cygwin packages needed in the installation. Once you have them on local disk or a CD, you can run the installation without any network connection.

In principle it's very easy also if you only have access
to a Linux computer with a CD burner or file sharing possibilities
to your windows machine, just copy the necessary files from any
Cygwin mirror (preserving the directory structure). The main
practical problem is to selectively download only the packages
you need, since a full copy may be to large to handle.
Unfortunately I'm running a partly experimental installation
at the moment, so it's no use to copy my list of packages, but
the list of packages found at the end of
(under the title "Cygwin Package Information") should be recent
enough to be relevant.


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