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Re: Setup.exe sugestion/annoyance

On Wed, May 21, 2003 at 04:09:36PM +0200, Daniel Kabs wrote:
>References: <>
>Ms. Vinschen wrote:
>>> Please fix this!
>>It's open source.  Do it yourself.
>The "bug" could be easily fixed by the programmer who is working on setup.exe 
>in no time at all. Probably it's just a checkbox in the Visual C++ resource 
>Sorry, I don't have any development kit or compiler installed on my 
>windows system. I'just wanted to use cygwin and to point you to
>a usability problem.
>I guess, you deliberately built in these pesky "bugs" to get people
>to work on the source :-)

Primer on how not to get free software problems fixed:

1) Download free software.

2) Notice that the free software doesn't work exactly the way you want.

3) Assume that the reason the free software doesn't work the way you
   want it to is because someone is missing something very obvious.
   Do no research to prove that theory.  Assume that you are the
   very first person to notice the problem and decide to scold
   the free software developers.

4) Send offended email.

5) Receive email from developer telling you why things work the way
   they do.

5) Respond in insulting fashion to the developer who volunteers time to
   work on free software.

6) Speculate, while doing no research, that the bug in the free software
   program is probably fixable by using a proprietary software product
   available for purchase for many $$$.

6) Suggest that bug in free software was purposely introduced.

7) Wait for problem to be fixed, basking in the warm knowledge that you've
   done everything possible to help the volunteer developers of the free

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