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Re: Setup.exe sugestion/annoyance

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Daniel Kabs wrote:

> He Rob,
> I guess you are the culprit who committed this
> crime against usability!
> On Wednesday 21 May 2003 14:50, Rob wrote:
> > Oh, for crying out loud. You really have no clue do you.
> >
> > Go grab a 640x480 monitor, and then you'll see why it's the size it is.
> But that's NO reason why the window is not resizable!
> Mind you, I did not complain about the windows *size* but the windows
> inability to be resized *manually* by the user (if he e.g. is sitting in front
> of a nice 1280x1024 LCD display and, sorry, has no 640x480 monitor
> around).
> Go and add some resizing borders, will you?
> Cheers
> Daniel


Barging in and demanding that something be fixed is a sure way to annoy a
lot of people in an open source project.  Furthermore, if you do decide to
do so, it would be a good idea to see if what you're demanding fixed is a
known bug (it is), and if, maybe, there is something that prevents this
bug from being fixed, other than the innate meanness of the software's

FYI, I could go into the source right now, set the resizeable flag,
compile setup.exe, and e-mail you a copy, and you know what?  It'll do you
NO GOOD AT ALL.  Because even though you'd be able to resize the *window*,
all the dialog elements (including the hated scrollbars) WILL STAY IN
PLACE.  Windows requires that upon resizing, all dialog elements are moved
*manually*, by the creator of the dialog -- it doesn't do it for you.

So, if all you want is a resizeable *window*, you can get it in an hour or
so (or as fast as I can compile setup.exe).  However, if you want a
properly resizeable dialog, with all the elements in place, that is *much*
harder, and has been hashed and rehashed on the cygwin-apps list for a
long while.  You'd be wiser after actually reading those discussions.
P.S. It *is* open source.  If you still think it's so easy, fix it, and
contribute the source back to the project.  You'll become a minor deity in
the eyes of some people on this list, who, like you, demanded it. ;-)
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