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Re: Setup.exe sugestion/annoyance

Hi All...

I propose we set up a second Cygwin mailing list with a monthly fee of say $20.00. This list would be for the rude and inconsiderate people who can't say thank you for all they get for free here. People who behave poorly on this list can be blocked and referred to the alternate list. I don't propose that anyone actually review the other list. If they are dumb enough to behave that way here, perhaps they are dumb enough to pay $20.00 per month for nothing instead of paying nothing for all that is available here.

This reminds me of the story about a group of fleas that got together to complain when their dog was so inconsiderate as to die (without regard for their view on the subject).

If you really want to get a developer's attention, start your message with You incompetent fool, what were you thinking when you implemented...

I assure you that you will get the developer's attention!

Good luck in your future maturation.


From: Daniel Kabs <>
Subject: Setup.exe sugestion/annoyance
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 14:39:09 +0200

To the creator of setup.exe:

Why did you disable resizing of the window?
Do you ever use setup.exe for yourself?

I doubt it!

It's really a pain to have to use the scrollbars to
see the packet description.

Please fix this!

Daniel Kabs

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