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Duplicate CygWin

(Sorry about incorrect subject on first posting)

Noting:- It's not a cut down version of CygWin*.DLL I need, but a cut down version of the file system, to just a couple of dozen files in /bin, /tmp, /usr and /etc, forming a 'mini' UNIX for a specific application.

Just been scanning the postings quickly. My knowlage of the internals of CygWin are vauge, but are you saying it's impossible to have two sideways compatable versions of CygWin installed, as any detected version miss-match (likelly) will drop the code?

And there is no way of controling CygWin so that it uses only a specific .dll? (ie, using the PATH variable or something...)

My other need, to have a separate /root directory for each runnin Cygwin, I can't see anything on that.

If this is not possible, would it be too hard to put some hack into the .dll to, say, read an environment variable for it's root, before the usual registry search?



Ronald Landheer-Cieslak wrote:
On Tue, 18 Feb 2003, Ben Clewett wrote: >
I need to have two copies of CygWin running. Really I do! The default one in c:\cygwin and another very cutdown version running from c:\Progra~1\my_public_app.
If it makes things easier, the second is a bespoke and does not need to see the OS outside it's installed directory, or run stuff I have not personally configured for it. It just needs a new /root directory really.
I belive the two things needed are a method to avoid conflicts of different cygwin.dll versions being seen, by control of the PATH variable maybe?
OK.. there's just been a discussion vaguely about this subject involving a version of Cygwin called Xygwin. You might want to read through that thread, which starts here:
The interesting part of the thread (for you) starts here:

Read this carefully, find out what the people behind Xygwin failed to do with Cygwin, and do it to the cut-down version of Cygwin you want to have.
Good luck,


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