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Re: [Problem] mempcpy is missing? (FAQ alert)

On Tue, 18 Feb 2003, Ben Clewett wrote:
> I need to have two copies of CygWin running.  Really I do!  The default 
> one in c:\cygwin and another very cutdown version running from 
> c:\Progra~1\my_public_app.
> If it makes things easier, the second is a bespoke and does not need to 
> see the OS outside it's installed directory, or run stuff I have not 
> personally configured for it.  It just needs a new /root directory really.
> I belive the two things needed are a method to avoid conflicts of 
> different cygwin.dll versions being seen, by control of the PATH 
> variable maybe?
OK.. there's just been a discussion vaguely about this subject involving a 
version of Cygwin called Xygwin. You might want to read through that 
thread, which starts here:
The interesting part of the thread (for you) starts here:

Read this carefully, find out what the people behind Xygwin failed to do 
with Cygwin, and do it to the cut-down version of Cygwin you want to have. 

Good luck,


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