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FW: Why the rash of people bypassing setup.exe to install?

|=> -----Original Message-----
|=> From: Max Bowsher []
|=> Sent: Monday, February 17, 2003 7:01 PM
|=> To: Dieter Meinert;
|=> Subject: Re: Why the rash of people bypassing setup.exe to install?
|=> Dieter Meinert wrote:
|=> > I was going through all this thread wondering if noone
|=> > would see the (to me as a late Un*x guy) obvious:
|=> >
|=> > Consider a slooooooooooooooooooooow net connection, e.g by
|=> > 14.4 K Modem, or as Hannu does,
|=> > several hosts to be updated. The natural thing to me
|=> > appears to download the tar file, unpack
|=> > it somewhere, probably on a CD, and then run setup on your
|=> > target machine.
|=> What are you talking about? You do *not* unpack the 
|=> downloaded tar files
I did, well, almost.
|=> manually. EVER. You use setup.exe. Why do you think that is 
|=> a good idea?

Because I installed cygwin just that way:
I have no internet connection on my PC, so I borrowed a CD someone burned from the tarball.
I put it into my CD drive, and copied setup.exe from CD to hard disk. 
Then I ran setup.exe and gave it the path of my CDrom as source path.
Since then cygwin (1.3.10) runs well on my PC. Well, maybe something changed in setup since 
that version, I don't mind as long as this works for me. 

|=> > This would account for a load on the tar files while setup
|=> > isn't really triggered on the mirrors.
|=> I think you are confused. Setup is an .exe that is run 
|=> locally. The phrase
|=> "setup isn't triggered on the mirrors" is meaningless.

Well, I didn't dive into this setup specifically, but there are ways of installation via 
internet that connect to the server each time they need a new package. That is what I meant by 
that phrase.
The way I see asetup routine that just updates some packages working is either downloading the 
complete distributrion but only unpacking the required parts or by downloading each required part individually (both requiring a quite reliable network connection).

|=> > In this context I'd consider it a bad, at least confusing,
|=> > idea to rename the tar.bz2 files to something else.
|=> It seems to me that you are confused, and if the files had 
|=> been renamed, you
Maybe you're right in this case, if the fellow who burned the CD had realized 
that the cygwin*cpm or so file was really a tar.bz2, but that knowledge would 
compromize your point in renaming.

BTW when looking for a software package to install under unix I ALWAYS search 
    for a tarball !

|=> wouldn't be.
|=> Max.

I hope I didn't confuse you too much.


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