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Re: I am not going to let cygwin BSOD my Windows 2000 Server

On Sat, Apr 20, 2002 at 01:51:36PM -0400, George Hester wrote:
>Sort of.  Maybe it does work for 99% of the people out there.  I know
>nothing of that.  And yes, my toes are sensitive to things such as this.  If
>I lose my op sys it takes me months to get it back to the condition I had
>before its destruction.  You may not believe me but I assure you that is the

If setup.exe causes such horrendous destruction to your system, then I
think it's very likely that Cygwin will do the same.  I suggest that
maybe Cygwin is not something that you want to mess with.

Again, since no one else has to reinstall their system after running
setup, I think I am on pretty safe grounds assuming that this is *your*
problem.  If I was you, I'd be very alarmed about the instability of my
system and I would be doing whatever possible to stabilize it.  Cygwin
setup is the least of your worries.

My crystal ball tells me that your response to this is probably going to
be something like "I only have this problem with Cygwin's setup.exe!"
Well, then you should be thanking us for providing you this valuable
tool which is alerting you to serious problems on your system.

I think you should take a few steps back and ensure that you are running
the most up-to-date version of Windows possible.  If you are running
W2K, make sure that you have installed all of the service packs.  Ditto
for any other Windows version.  You might also want to invest in
something like Norton Systemworks which has diagnostic tools that may
help narrow down what's wrong with your system.  There may also be info
and tools downloadable at

Other people have said this, but I am going to repeat it: If you get a
BSOD from running an unprivileged program, then there is something wrong
with your system.  This is slightly less true if you are running a
Windows 9x version of the "OS" but, even there, it is likely to be
something wrong with your setup.  The bottom line is that should not be
possible for a simple user app like setup.exe to cause this level of

>The information I have garnered here has helped to maybe stick my toes in
>the fire again.  I will wait a while and see if there is any good soul that
>can explain the procedures for a manual setup. And if that is pie in the sky
>then at that point I will decide if walking around with a few less toes is
>worth it.

You really like to beat an analogy into the ground don't you?

Again, I think that you'll have lots of trouble if you try to install
cygwin manually.  I really don't believe that you'll be happy with the
results.  It's entirely possible that this just isn't the project for


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