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FW: Usage Of Cron and AT commands

On 18 August 2006 12:01, sujit.menon@tcs wrote:

>   Hi CygWinners,
>   I would like to know the syntax of crontab, cron and at commands for
>   its use in task scheduling.
>   Also, can we do a Cron or AT job using Cygwin installation?
>   If yes, please tell me the procedure...  How do we allow permission's
>   for the cron job. What file needs to modified to add the user id.


>   Warm Regards,
>   Sujit Chandran Menon
>   Tata Consultancy Services Limited
>   Park West - II, Raheja Estate
>   Kulupwadi Road, Borivali (East)
>   Mumbai - 400 066,Maharashtra
>   India
>   Mailto: sujit.menon@tcs.
>   Website:
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  Hey, we left one out!  

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