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Re: Start up Script Question, Re: cygwin running from ext. USB HD

Igor Peshansky wrote:
On Thu, 17 Aug 2006, mwoehlke wrote:
Musht be mah turn...

Rich Mayo wrote:
What script (or scripts) adds Cygwin directories to the existing environment
variables?  I use xterm under the Cygwin X Server as my user environment and
I'm not happy with the way my INCLUDE, LIB, and PATH variables are laid out.

Dirk Schleicher wrote:
it is possible to install cygwin on a external USB-hd? I think yes. I
use W2k and want to store my mails from Sylpheed claws there.
Or install cygwin normal and store the whole mails at the USB HD.
To do this I have to mount the USB HD to cygwin.
How to do this?

(Two RTFMP's* later...)
(* wtf RTFM | sed 's/manual/manpage/')

Well, technically, the second isn't even an RTFM, more of an RTF <> -- however, that page points to (surprise, surprise) the output of "mount --help".

Possibly, but the impression I got from the OP was that he'd never heard of the 'mount' command. :-)


I win! :-D

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