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Re: Rsync over ssh (pulling from Cygwin to Linux) stalls..

mwoehlke wrote:
>Williams, Gerald S (Jerry) wrote:
>> Whatever the reason, it interferes with my ability to contribute code
>> to Cygwin even if I can package it separately, since my company will
>> not sign the assignment. They will, however, allow me to release code
>> into the public domain. 
> FWIW, my impression is still that *you* could PD your code, and then
> someone else who *can* sign an assignment can come along, make a
> trivial change (like adding a comment, thus qualifying it as a
> "derivative work" that can be copyrighted), and then submit it.

Yes, I alluded to that earlier, although the language
in the assignment may undermine the attempt. Specifically,
you claim that "I hereby represent and warrant that I am
the sole copyright holder for the Work and that I have the
right and power to enter into this contract."

The one time I offered to provide code under this sort of
arrangement, it turned out to be easier to avoid the whole
situation entirely and just have somebody else rewrite the
code. So I never got an answer as to whether this would be

Can anyone from RedHat acknowledge that this arrangement
would be acceptable to them? If so, that would potentially
open the door to any public domain code.


P.S. Note that I didn't say that it was *impossible* for me
     to contribute code to Cygwin. I'm sure that if I had
     something important enough, we could reach some sort
     of arrangement where my company lawyers would sign an
     assignment that specifically applied to that piece. We
     could probably even dispense with the 30 day written
     notice and release it directly into the public domain
     at the same time. What's not fully clear is whether
     this type of assignment can be applied to code that's
     already in the public domain (regardless of who wrote

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