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Re: upset, genini: different version ordering

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> Any string.  I guess that works because the string prefix is fixed.
> It's the name of the package.

True, it already knows that from setup.hint.  But then it's still a
difference from how setup.exe handles things.  Maybe I need to check
again because setup.exe could also know the name of the package when it
tries to extract the version from the filename.

>> I'd rather write new code when the objectives can be agreed upon.
> New code as in "new version checks for upset"?  Or as in "new upset
> from scratch"?

Both.  Let me get something going in genini and then try to transplant
it into upset.  A possible replacement for upset is at least a year
away, given how much (or rather little) time I can put into that at the

> Still, it would be helpful to have some perl guru understanding the
> code being able to describe it to a coder.

You've just described two persons.  Who's the sond one?  :-)

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