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Re: Setup patch to keep test version if test version installed

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> You're a user of the new -m option if I understood you correctly.
> Does it work for you?

Yes, very well indeed.

> What about allowing to specify this in the GUI?  I was mulling over
> adding a fourth option to the "Choose A Download Source" dialog:
>  o Install from Internet
>  o Download Without Installing
>  o Install from Local Download Directory
>  o Install from Local Mirror Directory
> Option 3 is the same as before, but specifying "Download Directory"
> to distinguish this from "Mirror Directory".
> Good/Bad/Ugly?

I'm not sure it's useful in the GUI-only scenario when someone just
double-clicks the icon.  At least in my case that use is strictly for
script-controlled installations.  It will be hard for people to tell
what the difference is between Download and Mirror directory and which
they should use.  People who know what they're doing can just as easily
make a shortcut that adds the -m option.

BTW, there seems to be a regression that I don't understand: when a
wrong option is given, a message to this effect should be emitted and
then the parameter usage.  This used to work, but even though the code
did not change this is not happening anymore.  I've rolled back to the
old version of setup, but not cygwin1.dll, so if its not the compiler it
would be a change in the DLL that is responsible.  I suspect there is
some race with the output since also in the case of --help the output
from setup somehow mixes in with the prompt from cmd and you have to
press Enter a second time to get the prompt back.

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