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Re: Setup patch to keep test version if test version installed

On Feb  3 17:07, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen writes:
> > You're a user of the new -m option if I understood you correctly.
> > Does it work for you?
> Yes, very well indeed.
> > What about allowing to specify this in the GUI?  I was mulling over
> > adding a fourth option to the "Choose A Download Source" dialog:
> >
> >  o Install from Internet
> >  o Download Without Installing
> >  o Install from Local Download Directory
> >  o Install from Local Mirror Directory
> >
> > Option 3 is the same as before, but specifying "Download Directory"
> > to distinguish this from "Mirror Directory".
> >
> > Good/Bad/Ugly?
> I'm not sure it's useful in the GUI-only scenario when someone just
> double-clicks the icon.  At least in my case that use is strictly for
> script-controlled installations.  It will be hard for people to tell
> what the difference is between Download and Mirror directory and which
> they should use.  People who know what they're doing can just as easily
> make a shortcut that adds the -m option.
> BTW, there seems to be a regression that I don't understand: when a
> wrong option is given, a message to this effect should be emitted and
> then the parameter usage.  This used to work, but even though the code
> did not change this is not happening anymore.  I've rolled back to the
> old version of setup, but not cygwin1.dll, so if its not the compiler it
> would be a change in the DLL that is responsible.

How so?  Setup is not a Cygwin application.


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