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Re: [ITA] - base-files

On 6 March 2011 17:19, David Sastre <wrote:
>> - Not that it makes a great difference, but I think the interactive
>> checks should be done before sourcing /etc/bash.bashrc and ~/.bashrc
>> from /etc/profile and ~/.profile, respectively, rather than doing it
>> in the rc files. That would save opening the rc files in
>> non-interactive login shells and unnecessary checks in interactive
>> non-login shells.
> That's true, but the check also serves the purpose of avoiding those
> files to be sourced in non-interactive sesions, regardless who's
> calling.

You mean from users' scripts? That's up to them, isn't it? The
important thing is that it isn't sourced automatically for
non-interactive sessions.

>> - I think the commented-out CVS stuff in /etc/profile would be better
>> placed in ~/.bash_profile, to allow non-admin users to uncomment it.
>> Or perhaps just delete it altogether; since
>> isn't what's
>> recommended at anymore anyway.
> Done. I've dropped it.


>> And a question:
>> - Can we do away with ~/.bash_profile, and move the commented-out
>> PATH, MANPATH, and INFOPATH setting from there into ~/.profile? I see
>> the latter sources .bashrc anyway for bash shells, which makes sense.
> I'd rather keep .bash_profile around, because it has higher precedence in
> case both files exist. Sourcing .bashrc from .profile only exists as a
> fallback mechanism.

Fair enough.

> In case you are about to upload this, could you please apply this patch
> to your local 4.0-3 copy?
> If you think these changes deserve a release bump, I'd roll a 4.0-4
> version.

Yeah, sorry, better do another one, I wouldn't trust myself to
repackage this correctly.

Also, I'm afraid I've stumbled across another possible issue regarding
the unsetting of TMP and TEMP. I'll raise that in the relevant thread.


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