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Re: [ITA] - base-files

On 5 March 2011 17:03, Andy Koppe wrote:
>> Weird. I checked it out early this morning. Sometimes it doesn't work
>> for me either due to dyndns (or my router's ddclient client, I can't
>> tell for sure) not refreshing properly.
>> (...calls home and requests a whatsmyip query...)
>> OK. I've manually refreshed the IP and checked it out, it should be working now.
> The problem appears to be back.

Actually I had already downloaded this anyway. Looks great, only two

- Not that it makes a great difference, but I think the interactive
checks should be done before sourcing /etc/bash.bashrc and ~/.bashrc
from /etc/profile and ~/.profile, respectively, rather than doing it
in the rc files. That would save opening the rc files in
non-interactive login shells and unnecessary checks in interactive
non-login shells.

- I think the commented-out CVS stuff in /etc/profile would be better
placed in ~/.bash_profile, to allow non-admin users to uncomment it.
Or perhaps just delete it altogether; since isn't what's
recommended at anymore anyway.

And a question:

- Can we do away with ~/.bash_profile, and move the commented-out
PATH, MANPATH, and INFOPATH setting from there into ~/.profile? I see
the latter sources .bashrc anyway for bash shells, which makes sense.


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