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Re: GNOME progress report (with screenshot!)

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Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
| There is this in the bonobo
| type="shlib" location="@MONIKER_LIBDIR@/libmoniker_std_2">
| And this in the
| type="shlib" location="/usr/lib/bonobo/monikers/libmoniker_std_2">
| I assume ltdlopen() is used, then the according .la file needs to be
| in place, the real DLL name in there is used then:
| # The name that we can dlopen(3).
| dlname='cygmoniker_std_2.dll'
| If dlopen() would be used, then it should fail for lunixes as well.

I can't tell exactly what's doing this, so it's hard to tell.  But if
you're right I guess we're fine as is.

The reason I got concerned about this was when I was building seahorse,
which installs a module into /usr/lib/bonobo, I saw the
used the .so extension, so I got concerned about the other servers.  But
most of them don't use any extension, so I wasn't sure what was being
done then.

| gnome-vfs the same.

And libbonoboui2 as well I believe (libmoniker_extra_2?), as well as

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