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Re: GNOME progress report (with screenshot!)

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I wrote:
| 2) With any package installing bonobo servers, the file
| MUST be checked for any references to bonobo modules, which will usually
| be called with linux library names ( (usually only
| the packages installing a module have such references in their
| files).  This for sure affects nautilus, but I think all
| should be checked just in case.

Better check libbonobo2 and gnome-vfs2 also, as they install monikers.

| 3) I've built the accessibility libraries (gail, at-spi, libgail-gnome)
| and tried turning on accessibility.  When any GNOME program was started,
| I got warnings on the console that the accessibility libraries couldn't
| be found.  I'm not sure, but maybe this is a problem similar to #2, that
| ~ something (not sure what) is looking for instead of
| cyggail.dll?

BTW, this is a Gnome-WARNING, so I guess this is libgnome (or libgnomeui)?

| 6) I have a LOT of packages built, but I'm waiting for more webspace
| from to upload everything.  So you know, here's what I've got so
| far:

Add ggv, gpdf, gramps (pending one issue), and gnome-themes-extras to my
list.  Still waiting to upload.

| I think the six libs I packaged for you (GConf2, gnome-vfs2, libbonobo2,
| libbonoboui2, libgnome2, libgnomeui2) and my gnome-keyring,
| libgnomeprint22, and libgnomeprintui22 should be uploaded ASAP.  They're
| still at:

That's in addition to libcroco06, of course.  Where are you holding with
your six?

| But your 6 I forgot to put the setup.hint files up separately (they're
| in the source tarballs).  Then the next step is to package the desktop.

What are your plans with the desktop?


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