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Re: cygwin, tcl/tk, and "native" [Was: Re: Interest in "native" Tcl/Tk/Expect/Itcl/... packages?]

On Sat, Oct 16, 2004 at 03:46:45AM -0400, Jean-Sebastien Trottier wrote:
>I like the third option...  I'm not going to use gdb as much as Chris
>so I think he is in a better position to maintain it.
>However, I agree to take care of cutting the first stable gdb +
>"Cygwin, W11" Tcl/Tk version.
>I would also agree to co-maintain gdb with Chris and to fix any
>Tcl/Tk-related issues.
>As for fully taking over maintenance of gdb, I'm not totally against it
>but I guess we could discuss the details later...

If you can come up with a workable plan for making sure that releasing
tcl/tk does not impact insight and, if there are changes necessary for
insight, you are willing to promote them in the insight mailing list,
I'll continute to grudgingly support insight.

I support gdb and used to support gcc because the previous maintainer
vanished without a trace (although he has petulantly resurfaced
occasionally).  I'd be happy to give up supporting insight but the only
other person who makes sense to pass it off to would be Corinna and
she's already supporting more than her share.


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