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Interest in "native" Tcl/Tk/Expect/Itcl/... packages?

Hi All (and Chris in particular),

The current Tcl and Tk packages are not "native" Cygwin apps but a mix
of UNIX and Windows flavors... are there any good reasons to keep it
this way?

Apart from getting Tk to work without X, I don't see any... If you want
Tk for Windows, might as well get it from ActiveState. (I was also
thinking it would be possible to load a different DLL for Tk whether
DISPLAY is set or not...)

As for the current expect package, it doesn't come with expectk and
dynamic loading is disabled so that it cannot be loaded into it either.

I've already been successful in getting the following to compile as
"native" Cygwin packages with minimal patches:
    Tcl v8.4.7 (without registry and DDE)
    Tk v8.4.7
    Itcl v3.2.1 with Iwidgets v4.0.1
    expect v5.42.1

I also intend to add Tclx and Tcllib and try to port the registry and
DDE libraries (part of Tcl) that are normally only for straight Windows

Of course, I don't mind becoming maintainer for these packages...

I just want to know if there's actual interest for this, or else I'll
stop wasting my time...

Let me know what you think.


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