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Re: pre-ITP: New category Gis?

On Sun, Oct 10, 2004 at 05:40:45PM -0400, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
>Would this be the time to bite the bullet and allow package subcategories
>(as is already done with directories)?
>I see at least two ways to do this: either change the format of the
>Category: field to use some separator (e.g., "/") between the category and
>the subcategory, or do it as a two-step process -- first introduce a
>Subcategory: field and make upset and setup aware of it; then work on the
>setup logic for displaying the subcategories properly.  The advantage of
>the first approach is that setup will immediately be able to show the
>subcategories, but at the cost of category explosion until they're parsed
>properly.  The second approach will keep the setup screen the same until
>we're ready to switch (principle of least surprise and the like), but will
>require a small up-front change.

I don't understand why you're raising this issue in this context.  What
do subcategories solve?

Regardless, it doesn't seem like anyone pays attention to the existing
categories now.  I'm not sure that complicating matters is going to be
met with great acceptance with the huge lurking "newbie" population in
the cygwin mailing list.  This may cause a great increase in the number
of customer support calls...


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