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pre-ITP: New category Gis?

I plan to ITP the following GIS packages in the next days.
Have to wait for some postgresql decisions upstream.

proj (but maybe Charles wants to keep his ITP)
gdal (includes libgeotiff, ogr and a python lib)
mapscript-php     (for mapserver, a binary php extension)
mapscript-python    -"-
mapscript-perl      -"-

gdal requires proj and geos (and a lot more optionally)
postgis requires gdal and postgresql
mapserver requires apache, php, postgis, proj and gdal.
  and some more existing graphic libs. also ming which needs some more
  time for an ITP, static works fine. (outstanding issues upstream)
  optional gis apps/libs: eppl, mpatrol, sde
  There's also a simplier mysql extension called MyGIS.
  php can be used with the native win32 php version
  with the mapscript extension, but of course our own
  would have rebuilding support.
  => extra mapserver-php package when brian has it ready.
  mapscript-python and mapscript-perl is straightforward.
gdal might need some more special GIS libs later on. (on request)

Is therefore a new category wanted?
They cannot be used for anything else than mapping.
Therefore maybe put them into a entirly new category.
I also expect a lot of smaller extensions, such as the mapscript extensions and smaller libs for gdal and mapserver. libgeotiff is explicitly not needed, but maybe we want to have it extra also.

"Gis" seems to a good name. Geometry? na.
But maybe someone will come with Cad packages also somewhen.

If not I'll put proj, geos and gdal into Libs,
postgis into Database, and mapserver into Web.
Reini Urban

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