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Re: pre-ITP: New category Gis?

On Sun, Oct 10, 2004 at 07:25:46PM +0200, Reini Urban wrote:
>Christopher Faylor schrieb:
>>On Sat, Oct 09, 2004 at 04:38:35PM +0200, Reini Urban wrote:
>>>If not I'll put proj, geos and gdal into Libs,
>>>postgis into Database, and mapserver into Web.
>>Where does Debian place these packages?  Or aren't they available on
>Some are in "Science". Some are not yet in.

Ok.  We don't have Science currently.  I added it (we've been using
Debian categories as suggestions for cygwin).

>The FreeGIS maintainers should be better able to answer this,
>because they maintain the debian and other packages:
>  RedHat 7.2 (i386), Mandrake 8.2 (i386), SuSE 8.0 (i386),
>  Debian 'woody' 3.0 (i386)
>Debian itself:
>  They are years behind, as with every debian package.
>  Categories:
>proj is at Science
>gdal is in Science, but has no debconf template.
>grass is in Science.
>qgis is in Science.
>postgis is ITP'd since a few years.
>geos is ready to be ITP'd. but not yet done.
>But I really don't know how they divide between Mathematics and Science.
>For example "mathomatic" as Math package is in science. Other algebra 
>packages, such as octave, maxima, gap, axiom, yacas are in Mathematics. 
>Also the statistic packages.
>  octave is imho much more science than math. well.
>gmsh or admesh as mesh generators are in Mathematics and not in Science.

If we can get a definitive word on what the upstream package maintainers
want, then we should use that, assuming it fits into cygwin's schemes.
Otherwise, I guess we should use whatever makes sense given the categories
available at <>.


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