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Re: [PATCH] [ARC] Add new ARC EM opcodes.

Hi Claudiu,

> I've update the patch to use a number of macros to 
> generate those special instructions.

Thanks - although it looks like it took more work to do this,
than was in the original patch.  Sorry about that. I was hoping
that the macros would save time and space not need more of them.

> I also added a couple of tests which are checking for the 
> macro expansion sanity.


> Moreover, I plan to use those macros in a  new feature 
> which I still need to add and test.

Good idea.

One small point...  why are macros like EXTINSN2OP and EXTINSN3OP
(and their supporting macros) defined in arc-opc.c ?  Do you intend 
to provide other definitions of these macros in other source files ?
The reason I ask, it that it seems to me that if the macros are
only going to be defined once, then the appropriate place would be
in a header, either arc-ext-tbl.h or arc.h.  

If you do want to leave the definitions in arc-opc.c, (and I am OK
with it if you do), then please could you add a small comment to 
arc-ext-tbl.h noting where the EXTINSN<n>OP macros are defined.

Approved with this change, or with a change to move the definitions
into a header.


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