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Re: PING: Re: [PATCH] cpu/opcodes: Sync up fr30.cpu and generated opcodes files

On Wed, Mar 02, 2016 at 12:22:32PM +0000, Andrew Burgess wrote:
> I just wonder, in my patch you'll notice I also updated the comment
> just before the line in cpu/fr30.cpu, after your commit I don't think
> that the comment makes sense any more.  I replaced the comment with
> one which I felt explained what was going one.  I'll be honest, I'm
> not sure that I would immediately understand your use of -16.

I don't see any difference between "x & (-1 << 4)", "x & -16", or
"x & ~15" on 2's complement arithmetic.  The first expression is the
original code, the second my change, the third yours.  So if the
comment was correct before my change (or yours for that matter), it is
correct afterwards.  That's why I left the comment alone.

On looking into it a bit deeper, I'd say the comment is quite wrong to
say anything about 64 bit hosts.  That isn't the issue here.
Something like the following is more likely to be correct.

	* fr30.cpu (f.m4): Replace bogus comment with a better guess
	at what is really going on.

diff --git a/cpu/fr30.cpu b/cpu/fr30.cpu
index 0124647..84c32cf 100644
--- a/cpu/fr30.cpu
+++ b/cpu/fr30.cpu
@@ -159,10 +159,12 @@
 (dnf f-u4c       "4 bit 0 extended"      () 12  4)
 (df  f-i4        "4 bit sign extended"   ()  8  4 INT #f #f)
 (df  f-m4        "4 bit minus extended"  ()  8  4 UINT
+     ; ??? This field takes a value in the range [-16,-1] but there
+     ; doesn't seem a way to tell CGEN that.  Use an unsigned field and
+     ; disable range checks on insertion by masking.  Restore the sign
+     ; on extraction.  CGEN generated documentation for insns that use
+     ; this field will be wrong.
      ((value pc) (and WI value (const #xf)))
-     ; ??? On a 64 bit host this doesn't get completely sign extended
-     ; if the value is recorded in a long, as it is during extraction.
-     ; Various fixes exist, pick one.
      ((value pc) (or  WI value (const -16)))
 (dnf f-u8        "8 bit unsigned"        ()  8  8)

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM

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