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Re: [PATCH] Add MIPS ufr macro instruction

On Sun, 24 Nov 2013, Richard Sandiford wrote:

> The problem with using ufr for disassembly is that AFAICT it isn't
> mentioned in the manuals.  People disassembling pass-me-downs might
> struggle to know what it means.  Maybe the ideal would be to disassemble
> the CTC1 normally and add a comment "; ufr [01]" next to it.  But that's
> probably make-work.
> So TBH I preferred your original patch.
> There haven't been any more objections, so if you're still OK with the
> original version, I suggest we go with that.  I can apply it for you if so.

 Apologies for late coming, I missed this thread.  I object.  I think it 
would make more sense if we followed the practice already established with 
CP0 register names and instead defined cooked names for CP1 control 
registers as well.  E.g.:

	ctc1	$0, $c1_ufr
	ctc1	$0, $c1_unfr
	cfc1	$2, $c1_ufr

or suchlike.  I think it would be more obvious, user friendly (including 
disassembly) and consistent.  If we wanted $0 implied for cases where 
applicable we could define single-argument aliases, e.g.:

	ctc1	$c1_ufr
	ctc1	$c1_unfr

preferably as macros as far as I'm concerned (although I'm not too
enthusiastic about such aliases in the first place).

 Of course we'd add the rest at the same time too, i.e. $c1_fir, $c1_fcsr, 



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