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Re: [PATCH] Add MIPS ufr macro instruction

Hi Andrew,

Andrew Bennett <> writes:
>>> Seems like this might have hit a log-jam, so just in case, what I really
>>> meant was: please answer David's question first.
>> Hi Richard,
>> Sorry for the delay in the replying I have been thinking about David's
>> comments.
>> David, I agree with you, having ufr as an actual instruction, rather
>> than a macro
>> would make it much clearer to see it's use when disassembling a program.
>> I am currently changing the patch to reflect these changes, and will
>> post it back
>> in the next few days.
> The updated patch and ChangeLog entry is below. 

Sorry to mess you around, but I thought David was objecting more to the
macro existing at all.  I could be wrong though.

The problem with using ufr for disassembly is that AFAICT it isn't
mentioned in the manuals.  People disassembling pass-me-downs might
struggle to know what it means.  Maybe the ideal would be to disassemble
the CTC1 normally and add a comment "; ufr [01]" next to it.  But that's
probably make-work.

So TBH I preferred your original patch.

There haven't been any more objections, so if you're still OK with the
original version, I suggest we go with that.  I can apply it for you if so.


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