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Re: C99 macros

On 08/15/12 18:47, Mike Frysinger wrote:
On Wednesday 15 August 2012 13:17:53 Yufeng Zhang wrote:
It has been pointed out that the use of the C99 macros PRIi64 and PRIx64
(in opcodes/aarch64-opc.c) may cause the build to fail in an environment
where there is lack of C99 support.

I am considering to eliminate the dependency on this C99 feature by
replacing PRIi64 and PRIx64 with some alternative approach in the
AArch64 port.  Before doing that, I wonder what the general policy is
about coding the binutils using C99 features.  Interestingly, I didn't
find any other port includes the inttypes.h header file (not to say the
use of PRIi64 and PRIx64).

we use them in gdb and the sim, although we have gnulib available in the gdb subdir. in general though, i don't see a problem using inttypes.h since glibc has had the header since 1997. wait to see if someone complains.

Thanks Mike. Given the fact that there has no complaint received so far, I have decided to drop the plan of replacing PRIi64 and PRIx64.


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