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Re: C99 macros

On Wednesday 15 August 2012 13:17:53 Yufeng Zhang wrote:
> It has been pointed out that the use of the C99 macros PRIi64 and PRIx64
> (in opcodes/aarch64-opc.c) may cause the build to fail in an environment
> where there is lack of C99 support.
> I am considering to eliminate the dependency on this C99 feature by
> replacing PRIi64 and PRIx64 with some alternative approach in the
> AArch64 port.  Before doing that, I wonder what the general policy is
> about coding the binutils using C99 features.  Interestingly, I didn't
> find any other port includes the inttypes.h header file (not to say the
> use of PRIi64 and PRIx64).

we use them in gdb and the sim, although we have gnulib available in the gdb 
subdir.  in general though, i don't see a problem using inttypes.h since glibc 
has had the header since 1997.  wait to see if someone complains.

also, isn't stdint.h and the uint32_t/etc... types technically C99 ?

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