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Re: m68k-atari-mint target

Here is a first version of the binutils MiNT patch against the CVS version.
Please do not commit it yet, I post it here to get some feedback if something needs to be improved.

First I need to say I'm not the original author of this patch, I have only improved it and ported it to modern binutils since version 2.17.
It is fully functional and used daily with GCC.

Basically, the m68k-atari-mint target use:
- the standard a.out-zero-big format for object files
- the custom a.out-mintprg format for executables, implemented in prg-mint.c

There is also a new linker emulation named m68kmint.

The MiNT OS coupled to the MiNTLib (his libc) is quite similar to Cygwin. It provides a UNIX interface to the underlying kernel somehow similar to MS-DOS with multitasking extensions. Thus, every time there was a test for Cygwin, I have added MiNT, too.

In the struct aoutdata, I have added an additional ext pointer to the data specific to the a.out-mintprg format.

In the MY_final_link_relocate() callback, I need to use the reloc_std_external structure, so I have added a special version named MY_final_link_relocate_rel(), used if it is available. Maybe it would be better to add that additional parameter to all the supported targets.

Please tell me if something needs to be improved before merging this patch to the official sources.


Vincent Rivière

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