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Re: Help needed to track down bug: linking Linux kernel with gold creates unbootable kernel

I still have differences:
-ffffffff810000e1: 48 01 2d 08 c0 46 00 add %rbp,0x46c008(%rip) # ffffffff8146c0f0 <trampoline_level4_pgt>
-ffffffff810000e8: 48 01 2d f9 cf 46 00 add %rbp,0x46cff9(%rip) # ffffffff8146d0e8 <trampoline_level4_pgt+0xff8>
+ffffffff810000e1: 48 01 2d 98 74 40 00 add %rbp,0x407498(%rip) # ffffffff81407580 <trampoline_level4_pgt>
+ffffffff810000e8: 48 01 2d 89 84 40 00 add %rbp,0x408489(%rip) # ffffffff81408578 <trampoline_level4_pgt+0xff8>

Please try generating and diff'ing a linker map. This should help identify the changes in symbol addresses. In particular, the change with the lowest (or highest) address often gives a clue. Use the '-M' or '--print-map' parameter to generate the map on stdout, or the '-Map=filename' parameter ("") to go directly to a file.

I have this diff (+ is bfd), which is coming from .notes ...

Presumably that part of the diff goes away when GNU_GOLD_VERSION is deleted from the NOTES.


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