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Re: bogus test case expectations

>>> "H.J. Lu" <> 21.07.09 17:59 >>>
>The code looks like

Not exactly.

>snapshot_symbol (symbolS **symbolPP, valueT *valueP, segT *segP, fragS **fragPP)
>  symbolS *symbolP = *symbolPP;
>      /* Resolve symbolP.  */

This part is crucial: symbolP may get changed here (in the switch() following
the code that resolves it), so what gets evaluated below may no longer
be (*symbolPP)->bsym (or its equivalent after LOCAL_SYMBOL_CHECK()). It
was the purpose of the patch presented to actually make the code behave
like you describe, but as explained that breaks one of the test cases you
added (of which I think that it tests undefined behavior).

>      /* Never change a defined symbol.  */
>      if (symbolP->bsym->section == undefined_section
>          || symbolP->bsym->section == expr_section)
>        *symbolPP = symbolP;
>We don't change *symbolPP to its resolved value if it is defined.

As it stands we don't change *symbolPP if the supposed replacement symbol
is defined, which looks wrong even outside of the use that I encountered
the problem with.


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