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bogus test case expectations

Finally I found time to debug why, after initially working with the
snapshot_symbol() change I had done in late 2005, some local changes I
had on top of this stopped working in newer binutils releases. I was about
to propose below change (with the rationale that the comment "Never
change a defined symbol.", while correct, didn't match the code, as the
check was done against the perhaps already updated symbol, not the
one that got passed in). This, however, causes one of the four ia64 test
cases added together with that change to fail.

The question is whether the expectations ltoff22x-2.d sets are really
correct in the first place: In particular, I would question whether it is
appropriate to expect that foo gets used for the symbol references in
both resulting relocations, since foo got equated to bar earlier on (and
hence the assembler ought to be free to de-reference that symbol).
Since this depending on internal behavior, the only sane thing to do
would imo be to either change ltoff22x-2.s to reference bar in both
cases, or to permit both symbols in ltoff22x-2.d.

The former would, as I understand it, make the whole test case

The latter, however, bares the risk that the relocations refer once to
each symbol, which really is the case with just the below change. But
that's due to an inconsistency in tc-ia64.c's handling of operands,
which in turn is due to the lack of a target hook for handling target
specific operators for resolve_expression(): O_pseudo_fixup doesn't
get handled, and hence its operand doesn't undergo the same
expression evaluation as normal symbol references would.

Remains as the final (but more involved) option fixing the ia64 issue,
and making the test case yet again depend on behavioral details of
the assembler, by changing the expectation in both cases from foo
to bar.

Thanks for opinions,

--- a/gas/symbols.c
+++ b/gas/symbols.c
@@ -1482,6 +1482,7 @@ snapshot_symbol (symbolS **symbolPP, val
+      segT seg = symbolP->bsym->section;
       expressionS expr = symbolP->sy_value;
       if (!symbolP->sy_resolved && expr.X_op != O_illegal)
@@ -1513,8 +1514,7 @@ snapshot_symbol (symbolS **symbolPP, val
       /* Never change a defined symbol.  */
-      if (symbolP->bsym->section == undefined_section
-	  || symbolP->bsym->section == expr_section)
+      if (seg == undefined_section || seg == expr_section)
 	*symbolPP = symbolP;
       *valueP = expr.X_add_number;
       *segP = symbolP->bsym->section;

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