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Re: bogus test case expectations

>>> "H.J. Lu" <> 21.07.09 16:38 >>>
>On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 4:51 AM, Jan Beulich<> wrote:
>> Finally I found time to debug why, after initially working with the
>> snapshot_symbol() change I had done in late 2005, some local changes I
>> had on top of this stopped working in newer binutils releases. I was about
>> to propose below change (with the rationale that the comment "Never
>> change a defined symbol.", while correct, didn't match the code, as the
>> check was done against the perhaps already updated symbol, not the
>> one that got passed in). This, however, causes one of the four ia64 test
>> cases added together with that change to fail.
>I have no objections to update comments.

My goal is to make the code do what the comment says (which is what I'd
also expect the code to do), not adjust the comment. But perhaps I mis-
understand the intentions you had when making the change? If so, you'd
be asked to provide a comment explaining those intentions...


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